Welcome to Kelly's Kaboose - The Railway Store


Welcome to Kelly's Kaboose - The Railway Store.

We are located in the Kamloops Craft & Antique mall situated at 634 Victoria Street, downtown Kamloops. 

Our mission is to promote our passion...the hobby of model railroading.

Please feel free to browse around and if you have any questions, you can contact us here.

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Whats new this week

Updated March 27th, 2015.  We'll soon be getting ready for 'Supertrain' the Calgary model railway show coming in April. If you've never been to it or the Edmonton show in the fall...put them on your bucket list! And remember we are again carrying the new Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. And it looks good!


Aristocraft CP Rail SD45, test run only

USA Trains CP Rail SD40-2, test run only.

Pre-owned G scale, steam and diesel, freight cars, CNR heavyweight coaches, Spectrum 4-4-0 locomotive, and more.


Weaver CNR high side wood chip gondolas, 2 or 3 rail. 

New Atlas 40' box cars CPR spans the world, 2 or 3 rail.

MTH Premier CNR Trainmaster in 3 rail.

Weaver 40' box cars, CNR maple leaf and CPR spans the world. 3 numbers.


Classic Metal works 1955 Ford automobiles.

Rapido VIA LRC locomotives, DC or DCC/sound, and coaches.

Intermtn CPR 40' box cars, slanted lettering, 6 numbers.

Walthers CP GP15's with DCC/sound, 2 numbers.

Rapido VIA F40PH locos with DCC/sound.

Atlas 40' box car kits, CNR maple leaf, CPR spans the world.


Micro Trains CNR 40' box cars maple leaf emblem.

Deluxe 3 car articulated maxi stack well car sets, 4 numbers.

Micro Trains CPR 'spans the world' box cars, 2 numbers.

Walthers CN GP38-2 DCC ready, 2 numbers.

Rapido GMD-1 with or without sound, NAR, CNR green, and 3 different CN schemes. Various numbers.

Kato complete train sets with CN or CP ES44 locos, 6 cars.

Atlas PGE Alco C630's in DC or DCC, 3 numbers, green colours.

Atlas BC Rail Alco C630's in DC or DCC, 3 numbers, red/white/blue colours.

Atlas BC Rail Dash 8- B39 locos, DCC or DCC ready, 3 numbers. 25% off.


Micro Trains CPR 'spans the world' 40' Z scale box cars.

Twilight Rails DVD, the end of BC Rail's passenger service.

Book on Canada's CNR armoured train of World War Two in northern BC.

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